Experts in pharmaceutical wholesale and healthcare logistics.


VIVATIS Arzneimittel GmbH is a pharmaceutical wholesaler headquartered in Hamburg. We use our decades of experience as a service provider in the healthcare market to support and supply all stakeholders in the healthcare sector, including pharmacies, medical practices and clinics.

Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive, fast, reliable and economic supply to our partners. Our healthcare logistics division offers integrated management of every logistical step necessary for the product, guaranteeing maximum quality and safety.

What’s more, our experts develop strategies tailored to the market, finding suitable measures for strategic and operational pharmacy procurement.

Several years of expertise in logistics and distribution

Over 50,000 product shipments per year

The highest quality and safety standards

Member of the alanta health group


  • VIVATIS Arzneimittel GmbH

    Kurt-Oldenburg-Straße 20
    22045 Hamburg

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